Judging by the streetstyle we all follow these days, there is definitely some ROCK vibe going on… From chokers and biker jackets to punkish bombers and distressed denim… and we must not forget the item that has certainly been resurrected from the past-the good old vintage band tee. It seems that there is some kind of modern revival of the London punk and Seattle grunge scene… but in a different, somehow modernized way.

Vintage,worn out band tees has become increasingly popular, and they even become a fashion staple at the moment. Many celebrities wear them, even though some of them are often criticized for wearing a tee of a band they don’t listen to.


Is it ever OK to wear a T-shirt for a band you don’t follow? 

According to Jane Rocca, Australian fashion and music writer, celebrities who wear T-shirts for bands they don’t know or follow are “patronising” true music fans.

“Those Instagram ‘stars’ who do this are patronising the rock crowd for the frock crowd. Rock’n’roll T-shirts work on those who love the scene – wearing one for fashion’s sake is try-hard.”

Whan asked how to wear an old band tee, she says: “If you’re rock’n’roll to the bone you wear it accordingly – with jeans, sneakers, high heels and leather jacket – whatever floats your boat. But you have to own your style and ooze it,”


However, many stars and celebrities are wearing it just to look cool and edgy, and they are pairing it with almost everything. So, instead of the grungy look that was popular in the past, they usually team the T’s with elegant and lux pieces, creating edgy yet elegant style that is so IN these days.



Celebrities wearing band T’s: