WE LOVE Jacqueline Mikuta

If you’re looking some super inspiring blog, breathtaking fashion choices and high quality photography, then MIKUTA.NU is a must. This is a personal fashion/lifestyle blog by Jacqueline Mikuta, shared with her incredibly stylish boyfriend Klemens. The couple merged their creative power not only to create a parade of super stylish rock and rollish outfits, but they also provide a lifestyle guide by sharing some amazing photographs that follow their trips to beautiful places all around the world.




Jacqueline Mikuta is born in Sweden, but has been living in many European cities such as Stockholm, London and Barcelona. After a short visit of Berlin in2012, she felt in love with the city, that she decided to move there in 2013. She has been educated in photography, advertising and art-direction, has a working experience as a stylist and make-up artist, but she definitely becomes a very influencial fashion blogger too.


Klemens White is a musician from Germany. He goes to live in Berlin where he studies drums and does some modelling. While touring Europe, he meets Jacqueline in 2013, and they have been together ever since.



How would you describe your personal style in fashion?

I have experimented with many different styles in my life and I love specific parts of many of them. I think my personal style is quite eclectic in which I mix various other styles. For me, it’s just about having fun. It really changes all the time, and it kinda depends on my mood!
When asked about her style she would say: “I would describe my style as quite eclectic and a little grunge, mostly with a hat. I like colors and playful materials. I always try to put something unexpected and fun into my looks. It is hard to describe my style because I am still exploring and it is always changing. Sometimes it happens that we shoot a look and the next day I scratch it completely because my style changed overnight”, adding that her mum is her biggest style inspiration.

Check some of her amazing looks here:

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