Which Color suits Nike Blazers best?

Nike Blazers

Nike Blazers are not just a good sneaker, but they are great sneakers. Walking in the streets of an urban area I made in style when Nike blazers make every step comfortable and classy. People of all ages wear them; style and generations seem to mix in their comfort. However, the choice of color is a different an entire different ball-game.

Athletes rarely pay attention to what color their foot wear should be. For them, the importance of performance on the field is far more important then what color their foot wear is. However, nowadays it seems that the color of the sport’s foot wear is as important as their construction. Advertising has made the most significant impact on their meaning. Famous athletes are offered tons of money to wear their special designs in special colors for one game at least.

Basketball players, for example, prefer to have a color that will make their feet stand out on the basketball court. If all the players are wearing standard black or white sneakers, a certain individual would like to wear a shiny yellow and gold sneakers or orange sneakers. The same thing happens on the streets; people want to stand out from the rest and like their foot wear to be noticed.

Now, since nike blazers are in the category of fine and classy foot wear, what color would suit best when they are walking in the mall? The blue color can be camouflaged by similar wall colors, black or white is classy enough, orange can have its notice but it will look like you are stepping on two fruit oranges and can’t wait to see how much juice will come out of it. Green is nice, though it cannot go with most upper body clothes.

Red is the right choice of all. Not the dark red, or strawberry red, but the perfect color red suits perfect on Nike Blazers. And since it is Nike, The color will be a great background for the Nike logo spread out on the entire shoe. These red Nike blazers look great on a sunny spring afternoon as well as during the summer. Every walk in the mall or the park will look gracious; every coffee break in the coffee shop will make you stand out in the best light. The red Nike blazers just give a special fashion odor to the entire casual clothing stile people chose to wear during the weekends.

Of course, it is taste we are talking about. And foot wear taste differs from individual to individual. Some prefer blue Nike Blazers, some orange Nike blazers, others would prefer the yellow once; but it is the red Nike blazers that stand at the top of the “food chain” for most people. Above ankle or below ankle, the Nike blazers will always look great when they are colored red.

What adds more to their beauty is the fact that the red color on the blazers can be combined with the color of the logo in many ways. Black on red, white on red, a few more white than usual on red and etc.